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Welcome, and thanks for coming by - I'm always happy to get a visit from long time fans, friends, new listeners, folks looking for new music.  Booking agents, event coordinators, and venue entertainment directors are also welcome.  Please feel free to take a look around, there are videos, photos, bios, song lists, and more.


"Legends Of Tomorrow" on the CW.

My song, "Kahala Beach", has been placed on the Season 3 opener of "Legends Of Tomorrow".  You can click on the "Media" page - up at the top of this page, to see the clip, and you can watch the entire episode here: .

Deserts And Islands

This is my latest CD, titled, "Deserts And Islands".  This is a collection of folky, country-ish instrumentals.  It's all acoustic, mostly featuring acoustic guitars, ukulele, and there's a harmonica and five string banjo in there somewhere.

Lee Jones on 

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Wooden Trail

That's right, my new CD, titled, "Wooden Trail", is now finished.  You can give it a listen here:  You can also find it anytime through the navigation links right up there at the top of the page :D .

"Wooden Trail" is now on sale at Amazon:

Lee Jones on itunes:

And at CD Baby:


At my live shows, the kinds of music I play are:    Traditional Country, Classic Light Rock, 50s, Bluegrass, Folk, Instrumentals, and even some authentic Hawaiian - as I'm originally from Hawaii.  There are, of course, the songs from the CD, "WoodenTrail".  You'll hear acoustic guitars, ukulele, and maybe a lap steel, a 5 string banjo, and even a fiddle.  I just came off of some massive travelling, to places including Peru, England, San Francisco, San Diego, Austin, San Antonio, Tucson, Portland, Reno, Fort Worth, and Hawaii.

Please feel free to contact me at:

e mail:

These videos are not in  any particular order.  When I'm in a country setting, I'll do most or all Country, and so on.  I cut my teeth on country, so I probably have more country than the other stuff, but there is plenty of all of it.  I have about 300 songs, many of each style.  So please, there are only a few videos here, and are just a small sample of what I do.

On all my recordings and videos, I play all the 


I also arrange, produce, and engineer all of it.

This is Dixieland Delight.  It's a fiddle song, it don't start
off that way, but it's a fiddle song, I promise.
Originally done by Alabama

Johnny B. Goode

Originally done by one of the great Rock And Rollers

Chuck Berry :D .

This is Please Come To Boston.  Originally done by Dave Loggins.

Some Traditional Hawaiian Music.

It's Ka Ulu Wehi O' Kekai

This is Sleepwalk on my koa lap steel.

Originally done by Santo And Johnny.

Bad Moon Rising

My all time favorite song.  Originally done by

Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Song For Anna.  Originally done by one of the greatest ukulele players in the world -

Ohta San.

Tico Tico.  The only thing I know about this song is that it originated somewhere in

South America.

And, it's me, playing all the instruments :D .

This is Ramblin' Man, originally done by

The Allman Brothers.

Just having some fun with this old Bob Marley Song.

Stir It Up.

More fun with this old Jimmy Buffet song.

It's Volcano.

It's that Orange Blossom Special, comin' down that railroad track :D .

Another great song, originally made popular by George Jones.
This is my tip of the hat to one of the greats.

This is Classical Gas, an acoustic guitar instrumental.

Orignally done by Mason Williams.

Shenandoah, a classic campfire instrumental.

An acoustic version of a Hawaiian Classic.
Wai 'O Keaniani.

This is Rosewood And Koa, an original instrumental of mine,
featuring the Classical Guitar and the Ukulele.

This is another original of mine.
The Music Died Today.

Fire And Rain.  Classic folk music from the 60s.

Here's Ring Of Fire, an old Johnny Cash classic.

It's Yakety Axe, aka:  The Benny Hill Song :D .

The Glendale Train, with some five string banjo. 


Heres some Guitars and Some Cadillacs.

    Arthur Lyman did this one on his vibraphone back in the 1950s, one of the most beautiful sounds I ever heard.

This is an old Country Rock Classic by
Pure Prairie League.

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