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Hi Everybody

Welcome, and thanks for coming by - I'm always happy to get a visit from long time fans, friends, new listeners, folks looking for new music.  Booking agents, event coordinators, and venue entertainment directors are also welcome.  Please feel free to take a look around, there are videos, photos, bios, song lists, and more.


"Legends Of Tomorrow" on the CW.

My song, "Kahala Beach", has been placed on the Season 3 opener of "Legends Of Tomorrow".  You can click on the "Media" page - up at the top of this page, to see the clip, and you can watch the entire episode here: .

Deserts And Islands

This is my latest CD, titled, "Deserts And Islands".  This is a collection of folky, country-ish instrumentals.  It's all acoustic, mostly featuring acoustic guitars, ukulele, and there's a harmonica and five string banjo in there somewhere.

Lee Jones on 

Lee Jones on itunes: 

Lee Jones on CD Baby:

Wooden Trail

That's right, my new CD, titled, "Wooden Trail", is now finished.  You can give it a listen here:  You can also find it anytime through the navigation links right up there at the top of the page :D .

"Wooden Trail" is now on sale at Amazon:

Lee Jones on itunes:

And at CD Baby:


At my live shows, the kinds of music I play are:    Traditional Country, Classic Light Rock, 50s, Bluegrass, Folk, Instrumentals, and even some authentic Hawaiian - as I'm originally from Hawaii.  There are, of course, the songs from the CD, "WoodenTrail".  You'll hear acoustic guitars, ukulele, and maybe a lap steel, a 5 string banjo, and even a fiddle.  I just came off of some massive travelling, to places including Peru, England, San Francisco, San Diego, Austin, San Antonio, Tucson, Portland, Reno, Fort Worth, and Hawaii.

Please feel free to contact me at:

e mail:

                                                                                              Some old school Rock & Roll.

                                                             Some fiddlin', it don't start off that way, but it's a fiddlin' song, I promise.

                                                                              Classical Gas, just me and my guitar.

                                                                                  Sleepwalk on my Koa lap steel.

                                           A little sampler of some traditional Hawaiian music. 

                                             The Glendale Train, with some five string banjo. 

A taste of a few instrumentals, and a song or two.

An old favorite, originally done by my favorite country singer, Merle Haggard

                                                                                 Thanks, Charlie Daniels, for this one

                                                                                       Tiko Tiko on the ukulele.

             A great song written by Kris Kristofferson, sung by Johnny Cash, and today you get me :) .

                   An old folky, kinda country-ish song from the late 60s, "Please Come To Boston". 

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