A Little About Me:

Hi, it's me, Lee Jones, talkin' to ya, no third person publicist stuff, just me.

I've been a full time, employed musician since January 1, 1980.

Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Learned ukulele at 10, guitar at 13.
Spent many teenage hours playing old Creedence songs on the guitar, and Hawaiian music on the ukulele.  I spent hours and hours and hours, playing ukulele and guitar in my bedroom.

Started playing professionally in January, 1980.  It was a country dance hall called “Ducky’s Silver Spur”, it’s where I cut my teeth on traditional Country Music.
From there it was to a few other traditional country bands for the next three years, including a quick trip to Nashville.

I started my own Country and Classic Light Rock band in 1983, playing in dance halls and military clubs all over the Hawaiian island of Oahu.  Four and a half years I spent as the house band in the prime country dance hall in Hawaii – the “Pecos River Café”.  I compare all future music experiences to the years at Pecos.

In 1988, made the big move to the continental U.S., starting in Oregon, after a brief tour of western Canada.  Spent a year as the house band at the “Lakeside Inn” in Prineville, Oregon.

It was time to move on, so moved to Ft. Worth, Texas, where I spent a year playing in a duo in various clubs around Ft. Worth, including “The Rig”, “The Poop Deck”, and various clubs in the Stockyards district.

After a year in Texas, made still another move to the DC/Northern Virginia/Southern Maryland area, where I spent a year playing in just about every dance hall within a hundred mile radius.  Clubs of note were “Randy’s California Inn”, “The Village Barn”, and “Latela’s”.

It was time to go back to Hawaii and break into the Hawaiian music circuit.  Spent the years from 1991 until 1999 playing in various restaurant/bars all over Oahu, and a couple of trips to the island of Maui.  Places included “Spindrifter’s” in Kahala, “Randy’s Steakhouse” in Kahala, “Waianae Bowl”, “Koko Marina”, and many others, along with hundreds of private parties and luaus.  Also spent three and a half years playing five evenings a week on the internationally known Windjammer Cruises – doing full Hula/Tahitian shows, as well as mini Hula shows.  I recorded, "Cowboy In Paradise", a country-ish, Hawaiian-ish collection of orignals and covers.

England was next on the list, so off I went, playing country and classic rock in many “Gentlemen’s Clubs”, as well as Pubs all over southern England, and a couple of American military clubs.  This went on for three years.  During this time, I recorded six CDs, which I sold at my live shows.

The next three and a half years were spent in San Diego, playing Classic Light Rock, Country, and Hawaiian music at “The Tin Fish” in Imperial Beach, along with many Elks Lodges, VFW Halls, Eagle’s Clubs, and private functions. 

After about six months in New Port Richey, Florida, playing Elks Lodges and VFWs, I took still another trans global trip – south this time – to Peru.  Spent a few months playing Classic Light Rock and Hawaiian music in a restaurant in the “Larcomar” complex in Miraflores.  Also spent some time playing informally with many native Peruvian musicians – just for the love of music.

In 2008, while in Austin for just a few months, worked playing for hula shows, with my company I called “Ikaika Entertainment”.  Just when Ikaika was starting to take off, I made a last minute trek back to Peru, where I spent about six months in a little beach town called, "Huanchaco".

Back to the States – Tucson this time, where l played at the “Kon Tiki” restaurant/bar, playing mostly Hawaiian music, along with a little bit of Classic Light Rock and 50s.  Also spent some time playing at “Circle S” Restaurant in Marana, Arizona (about 50 miles north of Tucson) playing mostly traditional country music for retired cowboys.

Spent a few months in Austin, Texas, playing Hawaiian, Tahitian, and Samoan music for hula shows.

Moved to Portland, Oregon in October, 2010, played in various restaurants and bars in the Portland area.  Also did a lot of recording during the two years spent there.

I've been living in South Lake Tahoe/Carson City for the past vie years,  being the house musician at the Gunbarrel Tavern in South Lake Tahoe.

I’ve played for every kind of audience imaginable, people of all ages, from quiet restaurants, to loud, rowdy bars, dance halls, coffee shops, corporate functions, concerts, and everything in between.  I own and maintain professional equipment and instruments.

I’m always reliable, punctual, clean, clean cut, neatly and appropriately dressed.  I am, and have always been drug and alcohol free.

Instruments I Play:

·        Lead Guitar

·        Fiddle

·        5 String Banjo

·        Lap Steel

·        Pedal Steel

·        Ukulele

·        Harmonica

·        Bass

·        Drums

·        Various Percussion (Congas, bongos, cajon, ipu, toere, maracas, spoons, and the secret percussion instrument).


Things I Do:


·        Played extensively in Hawaii, Oregon, San Diego, Canada, Texas, Virginia, Maryland, England, and Peru

·        Studio Engineer

·        Live Sound Technician

·        Studio Musician

·        I have my own home recording studio

·        Guitar and stringed instrument tech

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